Happy 9th Birthday Kate

Kate turned 9! She planned every detail of her party by herself, like usual. She did a great job designing her invitation on photoshop, drew the Beast for a game, and looked the part. This was the first year she requested a small party, only her bestest friends she said. We have a LOT of girls her age in the neighborhood, so it usually ends up being 15-20 people. I felt really torn about leaving people out but decided in the end that it was to celebrate her, so I honored her choice. She had a lot of fun, and I can see why she wanted a small one. We were a little worried about how to make it feel like a celebration with no cake! We decided to turn our pumpkin bread recipe into muffins, add some whip cream, and a sliced strawberry on top. It was perfect! Kate had warned her friends that they might think they tasted gross, but they ate them up and asked for seconds. I’m a little relieved to know we have the cake thing figured out for future celebrations.

As part of our new tradition to give gifts of time rather than things, John and I were able to spend time with Kate taking her to Noodles, Nickel City, and a movie. We sure love her. She is a bright spot in the world, full of joy and positivity and confidence. We are so happy we get to have her as a part of our family!


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