I decided to potty train Hazel! 😬 Still not sure that was the right choice! Potty training is seriously one of my least favorite things to do. So many weeks spent being on high alert. But…I’m kind of over diapers. Hazel has done really well. She does a great job telling us when she needs to go. The pooping has been a bit of a struggle because she is scared to go. I ended up pumping her full of prune juice after several days of not going. Oh the joys. I always imagined how great potty training, poop, prune juice, and accidents would be when I pictured my life as a mom.

Carston went to a cabin with his Teachers’ quorum. I think he had fun, but he doesn’t always say much. 🙂 Hadley and Hazel enjoyed going to Paige’s unicorn party. Hadley was adamant about wearing our unicorn wig. Macy had another basketball game yesterday and had a lot of fun playing. John is her coach this year. Avery was on the high honor roll for school, and we feel the need to not take it for granted that she is so diligent about her schoolwork and other responsibilities. She also started voice lessons, although she doesn’t say much to me about that either. 🙂 Kate cooked pumpkin muffins for us which were devoured within 24 hours (4 dozen), and Macy is so sweet and helpful with Hadley and Hazel. She will usually go in to get Hadley from preschool, and she usually gets Hazel out of bed on the weekends and takes care of her. She and her friends babysat last night and did such a great job. They even did the dishes and cleaned up the house. I’m so grateful for all of my kids.

I was so lucky to go spend the night with some of my childhood friends at a condo. We pretty much just talked for hours with some food stops in between. It was so fun and rejuvenating. All of them are just real, down to earth, not trying to present an image of a perfect life, kind, and faithful. I feel lucky to have them all as friends.


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