Not Our Best Week

This last week, I was sick and in bed for about 3 days. So that wasn’t fun. It brought back memories of pregnancy and made me grateful that my inability to get out of bed and function would not be lasting for months. I’m sure grateful for each of my children, but it was a serious struggle to get them all here.

Also, my phone quit working right before I got sick. I went several days without one before we were able to get an appointment at the Apple store to see if they could fix it, only to have them give me a new phone. I’m not great at backing everything up, so I lost pictures, notes, apps, etc. That’s never fun to try and restart everything on my phone, so hopefully I will be better about backing it up in the future. It actually was pretty nice not having a phone for a few days though. I felt bad for people that might have tried to get in contact with me, but I liked being off on my own.

I read several books while I was sick. I really enjoyed Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling. It was a very comprehensive book about all of his history, and the circumstances surrounding the saints, and why people around them felt inclined to act as they did. I have such a love for Joseph and Emma and all that they sacrificed and gave to restore the gospel, one little bit at a time. They were people, with weaknesses and struggles, with events that tested their faith, times where they weren’t receiving answers that they wanted. I am so grateful for this gospel that has been restored, how it draws me closer to God and the Savior, and helps me understand my purpose.

Avery had a surprise party for Alise yesterday. Macy had a basketball game. She was awesome to help with the girls while I was sick; she even got Kate and herself ready for Disney day at school. Hazel likes to poop in her pants more than the toilet right now. šŸ˜¬ Hadley LOVES people. She always wants lots of friends over and was in heaven last night with so many people in our house. Carston decided to do track this year which will be good. We missed the tryouts for high school soccer because it never dawned on me that they would be in November. šŸ˜• And that’s about it. We have a beautiful family that we are so grateful for.


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