Not Our Best Week

This last week, I was sick and in bed for about 3 days. So that wasn’t fun. It brought back memories of pregnancy and made me grateful that my inability to get out of bed and function would not be lasting for months. I’m sure grateful for each of my children, but it was a serious struggle to get them all here.

Also, my phone quit working right before I got sick. I went several days without one before we were able to get an appointment at the Apple store to see if they could fix it, only to have them give me a new phone. I’m not great at backing everything up, so I lost pictures, notes, apps, etc. That’s never fun to try and restart everything on my phone, so hopefully I will be better about backing it up in the future. It actually was pretty nice not having a phone for a few days though. I felt bad for people that might have tried to get in contact with me, but I liked being off on my own.

I read several books while I was sick. I really enjoyed Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling. It was a very comprehensive book about all of his history, and the circumstances surrounding the saints, and why people around them felt inclined to act as they did. I have such a love for Joseph and Emma and all that they sacrificed and gave to restore the gospel, one little bit at a time. They were people, with weaknesses and struggles, with events that tested their faith, times where they weren’t receiving answers that they wanted. I am so grateful for this gospel that has been restored, how it draws me closer to God and the Savior, and helps me understand my purpose.

Avery had a surprise party for Alise yesterday. Macy had a basketball game. She was awesome to help with the girls while I was sick; she even got Kate and herself ready for Disney day at school. Hazel likes to poop in her pants more than the toilet right now. 😬 Hadley LOVES people. She always wants lots of friends over and was in heaven last night with so many people in our house. Carston decided to do track this year which will be good. We missed the tryouts for high school soccer because it never dawned on me that they would be in November. 😕 And that’s about it. We have a beautiful family that we are so grateful for.

I decided to potty train Hazel! 😬 Still not sure that was the right choice! Potty training is seriously one of my least favorite things to do. So many weeks spent being on high alert. But…I’m kind of over diapers. Hazel has done really well. She does a great job telling us when she needs to go. The pooping has been a bit of a struggle because she is scared to go. I ended up pumping her full of prune juice after several days of not going. Oh the joys. I always imagined how great potty training, poop, prune juice, and accidents would be when I pictured my life as a mom.

Carston went to a cabin with his Teachers’ quorum. I think he had fun, but he doesn’t always say much. 🙂 Hadley and Hazel enjoyed going to Paige’s unicorn party. Hadley was adamant about wearing our unicorn wig. Macy had another basketball game yesterday and had a lot of fun playing. John is her coach this year. Avery was on the high honor roll for school, and we feel the need to not take it for granted that she is so diligent about her schoolwork and other responsibilities. She also started voice lessons, although she doesn’t say much to me about that either. 🙂 Kate cooked pumpkin muffins for us which were devoured within 24 hours (4 dozen), and Macy is so sweet and helpful with Hadley and Hazel. She will usually go in to get Hadley from preschool, and she usually gets Hazel out of bed on the weekends and takes care of her. She and her friends babysat last night and did such a great job. They even did the dishes and cleaned up the house. I’m so grateful for all of my kids.

I was so lucky to go spend the night with some of my childhood friends at a condo. We pretty much just talked for hours with some food stops in between. It was so fun and rejuvenating. All of them are just real, down to earth, not trying to present an image of a perfect life, kind, and faithful. I feel lucky to have them all as friends.

Goodbye Primary

I was released from Primary a couple weeks ago after almost 4 years of serving as the 2nd counselor. I love these women that I got to work with, the teachers who served, and especially the kids. It was such a blessing to feel the love that Heavenly Father and Mother have for each one of them. I enjoyed my time in there, but I am excited for a change, for the chance to attend other classes, and for less meetings and responsibilities since the FSO president responsibilities are a lot.

Happy 9th Birthday Kate

Kate turned 9! She planned every detail of her party by herself, like usual. She did a great job designing her invitation on photoshop, drew the Beast for a game, and looked the part. This was the first year she requested a small party, only her bestest friends she said. We have a LOT of girls her age in the neighborhood, so it usually ends up being 15-20 people. I felt really torn about leaving people out but decided in the end that it was to celebrate her, so I honored her choice. She had a lot of fun, and I can see why she wanted a small one. We were a little worried about how to make it feel like a celebration with no cake! We decided to turn our pumpkin bread recipe into muffins, add some whip cream, and a sliced strawberry on top. It was perfect! Kate had warned her friends that they might think they tasted gross, but they ate them up and asked for seconds. I’m a little relieved to know we have the cake thing figured out for future celebrations.

As part of our new tradition to give gifts of time rather than things, John and I were able to spend time with Kate taking her to Noodles, Nickel City, and a movie. We sure love her. She is a bright spot in the world, full of joy and positivity and confidence. We are so happy we get to have her as a part of our family!

More Olsen Partying

The adults went to dinner, we hit Nickel City and Macy spent her own money to keep on playing, we had a great Christmas Eve party, went to the Aquarium and Coconut Cove, Heather taught a Zumba class for us while Grandpa did a movie with the kids, sweet baby Liam had his blessing, Hadley transformed into Belle and Kate was obsessed with reading Harry Potter, and the girls put on a talent show after our big shopping day at Dillard’s. We absolutely love when they all come to town. We are so blessed to have so much wonderful family.

Let the Olsen Party Begin

Heather and Chelsey came up with their families, and it was a non-stop party until they left. Kate did her own hair in braids, we went ice skating and Grandma babysat the littles. And Hazel (who was sick for most of December and would only stay calm with non-stop Bubble Guppies)was spoiled by all her sweet cousins.