Hadley Turns 5!

Hadley turned 5 this week! She has been planning a Moana party since July when Hazel had one. She might have thought that was the only way for her to get a Moana dress. She loved every second of it. Macy and her friend Grace painted everyone’s faces, we played don’t let the kakamora touch the ground and went bowling with a real coconut. They made some real treasures out of pine cones and shells. Danced the hula, and played on the Moana boat John and I made. She loved every second of it. We sure love this beautiful girl who brings so much light and joy to the world!

Long Time Continued Again

We headed to St. George 2 weekends in a row because we are crazy!  Carston had a soccer tournament the first week.  We were glad it wasn’t raining and freezing the WHOLE time like last year.  He played great and had a lot of fun hanging out with Kade his cousin too.  It’s been really fun for him to play on the same team.  The other kids were super happy to hang out with cousins and swim in the pool.  Heather and Aaron are pretty great to let us all come stay with them.  My cousin Bobbi Ann was there too.  Thank heavens for electronic devices for the car rides.  This was the first time where Hazel was good for the whole ride.  Maybe we can venture further than St. George.  We went back home for a few days and then headed back again for the Parade of Homes.  I love hanging out with my parents and siblings while all the kids fend for themselves at Heather’s house.  The homes were a bit of a disappointment for me this year, but it was still fun hanging out.  I love my family and love whenever we get to spend time together.  It was fun going to Heather’s Zumba class again.  She is such a great instructor.  

Long time continued…

I took half of the kids to the dentist and we got away with no cavities.  Hallelujah.  Since we don’t have Netflix at our house, Hadley (and the others) had no problem getting their work done.    

Hazel has been obsessed with Hadley’s online preschool (Upstart).  I didn’t even know she could use a mouse until one day when she went over and started doing everything for Hadley.  She was pretty excited when I asked for a login for Hazel, and they gave it to her.  She talks constantly about doing her Upstart and gets really upset when she can’t.

I love having family night.  We do our lesson on Sunday with Family Council so we can have more time on Monday for an activity.  Macy chose 4 square this night and it was a lot of fun.  I thought it was pretty sweet that Carston stayed down afterward to keep playing with Hadley.  

Hazel woke up one morning with a swollen eye and said very dramatically, “I poked my eye.”  She is such a cute little thing.  She has been doing so good with her potty training! The pooping wasn’t going so smoothly at first and there were a lot of accidents with that, but now…..I think she’s got it down.  Yay for me.

Macy and Kate had fun making their Valentine boxes, and getting as dressed up as the could even though they still had to wear their uniforms.  We always love doing fun hair as well.  I wondered what they would do with all their candy since we aren’t eating treats.  Kate said she “hunger gamed” hers by throwing it up in the air and letting people scramble for it.  And Macy traded all hers for juice boxes at school.  She and her friends are trying to collect 100 for their “juice club.”  We had our special Valentine dinner….at least all of us besides Carston.  He decided his friends were cooler than us! Stinker!

Avery had another ballroom event so we got to do pretty hair! I love watching her dance.  I’m so glad that she has decided to try so many new things this year.  She won a silver medal (I still don’t understand exactly what for), and an award for dedicated dancer.  She’s pretty amazing.

Sometimes my kids take pictures of me.  And they usually involve me doing hair, making food, or cleaning.  Because that’s what I do.

Long time….

My phone broke and I lost everything a few weeks ago, and we spent two weekends in St. George so I haven’t posted in a long time. One of these days I will be able to devote more time to this blog and the things I write.

We are so lucky to live next to my mom and dad. I feel like my kids are so blessed and they don’t even know it.  My mom tries to take Hadley and Hazel once a week so I can run errands and get stuff done.  They love it.  They go straight in, curl up on her bed to watch a show while she gets ready, and then have fun all day until 2 when I pick them up.  They ask almost everyday if they can go to Grandma’s house.  Sometimes I look at Hadley and Hazel and think about all the little kids out in the world who aren’t cherished and loved like they are, and it makes me sad.  

Macy has been such a sweet sister lately.  She is so responsible and good with her little sisters.  I definitely wouldn’t trust everyone to babysit when they are 10, but she is amazing.  Chelsey calls her the “Child Whisperer” because she interacts so well with little kids and knows just what to do and say to get them doing what they need to.  She just bought some professional face paint and has been having fun practicing for Hadley’s upcoming birthday.

Hadley loves her “Honey with Toast!”  She is a great helper to me.  John says her and Hazel are addicted to me and have to be around me every second they can.  She loves to take charge, learn to do things by herself, and help Hazel.  If I’m not around and Hazel has to go the bathroom, Hadley just takes care of it.  And she was really excited yesterday when I said I would teach her how to make popcorn by herself.

I love me some good organization! We bought dressers to put in our closet and it makes me happy whenever I go in there. 

I’ve been trying to make green smoothies on the weekdays.  Carston and Kate are stinkers and won’t drink them.  But I think they help us all.

We did the Valentine’s Dance at Macy and Kate’s school.  I’m not so sure about how much time this FSO President position is taking, but I do like the school and want to help them.  These girls are happy to be there and enjoy all the different things they are learning.  Kate tries to take as many drama and art classes as she can, and Macy likes the math and drama classes.  She’s also excited since she just started a flute class.

Macy loved going with her friend from school for a birthday breakfast!

Carston had a birthday sleepover with Grandma and Grandpa.  They went to Red Robin, Dillard’s, played Ticket to Ride, and watched the Olympics.  Avery joined them the next morning to do some baptisms at the temple.  I love that my 14 year old son enjoys his grandparents and didn’t think he was too old or cool for a birthday sleepover.  He’s a pretty great teenager.

My emphasis for the year is to Elevate and Eliminate.  I want to elevate and give more attention to things that really matter, and eliminate those things that don’t.  One of the things I’ve felt like I needed to elevate is my relationship with John.  Our lives are so busy, so many kids needing and wanting things from us, that too often I feel like John and our marriage just gets whatever is left.  So I’m trying to prioritize and give US more attention.  So for Valentine’s Day, I planned two different dates.  It was so much fun spending time with him doing things we don’t normally do, like swing dancing!  He was a pretty good sport about that.  I sure love him.  I love this life that we’ve built together. 

Not Our Best Week

This last week, I was sick and in bed for about 3 days. So that wasn’t fun. It brought back memories of pregnancy and made me grateful that my inability to get out of bed and function would not be lasting for months. I’m sure grateful for each of my children, but it was a serious struggle to get them all here.

Also, my phone quit working right before I got sick. I went several days without one before we were able to get an appointment at the Apple store to see if they could fix it, only to have them give me a new phone. I’m not great at backing everything up, so I lost pictures, notes, apps, etc. That’s never fun to try and restart everything on my phone, so hopefully I will be better about backing it up in the future. It actually was pretty nice not having a phone for a few days though. I felt bad for people that might have tried to get in contact with me, but I liked being off on my own.

I read several books while I was sick. I really enjoyed Joseph Smith Rough Stone Rolling. It was a very comprehensive book about all of his history, and the circumstances surrounding the saints, and why people around them felt inclined to act as they did. I have such a love for Joseph and Emma and all that they sacrificed and gave to restore the gospel, one little bit at a time. They were people, with weaknesses and struggles, with events that tested their faith, times where they weren’t receiving answers that they wanted. I am so grateful for this gospel that has been restored, how it draws me closer to God and the Savior, and helps me understand my purpose.

Avery had a surprise party for Alise yesterday. Macy had a basketball game. She was awesome to help with the girls while I was sick; she even got Kate and herself ready for Disney day at school. Hazel likes to poop in her pants more than the toilet right now. 😬 Hadley LOVES people. She always wants lots of friends over and was in heaven last night with so many people in our house. Carston decided to do track this year which will be good. We missed the tryouts for high school soccer because it never dawned on me that they would be in November. 😕 And that’s about it. We have a beautiful family that we are so grateful for.

I decided to potty train Hazel! 😬 Still not sure that was the right choice! Potty training is seriously one of my least favorite things to do. So many weeks spent being on high alert. But…I’m kind of over diapers. Hazel has done really well. She does a great job telling us when she needs to go. The pooping has been a bit of a struggle because she is scared to go. I ended up pumping her full of prune juice after several days of not going. Oh the joys. I always imagined how great potty training, poop, prune juice, and accidents would be when I pictured my life as a mom.

Carston went to a cabin with his Teachers’ quorum. I think he had fun, but he doesn’t always say much. 🙂 Hadley and Hazel enjoyed going to Paige’s unicorn party. Hadley was adamant about wearing our unicorn wig. Macy had another basketball game yesterday and had a lot of fun playing. John is her coach this year. Avery was on the high honor roll for school, and we feel the need to not take it for granted that she is so diligent about her schoolwork and other responsibilities. She also started voice lessons, although she doesn’t say much to me about that either. 🙂 Kate cooked pumpkin muffins for us which were devoured within 24 hours (4 dozen), and Macy is so sweet and helpful with Hadley and Hazel. She will usually go in to get Hadley from preschool, and she usually gets Hazel out of bed on the weekends and takes care of her. She and her friends babysat last night and did such a great job. They even did the dishes and cleaned up the house. I’m so grateful for all of my kids.

I was so lucky to go spend the night with some of my childhood friends at a condo. We pretty much just talked for hours with some food stops in between. It was so fun and rejuvenating. All of them are just real, down to earth, not trying to present an image of a perfect life, kind, and faithful. I feel lucky to have them all as friends.